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Disclaimer: You should consult your physician before starting this or any other fitness program. See additional precautions.

ELLEN BARRETT: 7-DAY WORKOUT CHALLENGE Empower, Energize and TRANSFORM With This Innovative Week-Long Movement Prescription

You’re one week away from a stronger body, mind and spirit, with the Ellen Barrett 7-Day Workout Challenge - a different workout everyday- making it super easy to get fit and stay inspired. Each complete workout is 15, 30 or 45minutes in length and they are all ideally done barefoot. Here’s your week ahead:

·  Day 1: 30minute Feel Good Fusion
A barefoot mix of Pilates, dance and yoga

·  Day 2: 15minute Power15
An express muscle-conditioning workout that uses light handheld weights

·  Day 3: 30minute Core Yoga
A mix of standing and seated ab-focused sequences

·  Day 4: 15minute Quick Cardio
Fun and easy heart-pumping rhythmic movement

·  Day 5: 30minute Yogini Sculpt
Yoga with hand weights

·  Day 6: 45minute Fusion BootCamp
An up-tempo and energizing fat-burning workout 

Day 7: 15minute Zen Stretch
A soothing to the soul, 100% seated, stretch class

Discipline Cardio, Yoga, Dance, Affirmations, Strength Training, Wellness, Pilates, Weight Loss, Stretch, Aerobics, Boot Camp, Weight Training, Plyometrics

Focus Full Body, Wellness, Weight Loss

Equipment Needed Yoga mat and light handweights Yoga mat is optional light handweights (1-3lbs each) A yoga mat is recommended No equipment needed Light hand weights (1-3lbs each) and a yoga mat are recommended No equipment needed A yoga mat is recommended