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The yogini who starred in Fit TV’s All-Star Workouts and authored four wellness books helps you firm up from the floor up with her 21st century body sculpting.

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Energy, Not Age

People of all ages attend my classes and that’s the way it’s been for years - mothers with daughters, college kids on summer break, retirees with time (finally) and everyone in-between. I’ve noticed that some people can be quite low energy and lethargic, while others are very vibrant and filled with life. The low energy people as well as the very vibrant can be anywhere from 18 or 80 years young, which brings me to this conclusion: from a yoga instructor’s point of view, age is inaccurate.

I’ll Have Some Poise With That Workout, Please….

What is poise? The dictionary says it’s a “graceful and elegant bearing in a person” or “a dignified, self-confident manner of being”. I’m always drawn to people with poise and I really love that it defies age, gender, body type and more. Poise is so subtle, yet it’s what makes someone truly attractive. Your workout can give you poise. Right now, you may feel un-confident, ungraceful and have zero body/mind awareness, but within a few focused sessions of high quality movement and breathing, poise can be upon you.

Breathe With #NoFear

“You cannot breathe deeply and worry at the same time. Let the worry go. Breathe”. – Sonia Choquette AIr is your #1 fuel, making breathing crucial to your wellness/weight loss pursuits. I used to be a horrible breather and I see people now, everyday, that breathe like I used to breathe  - shallow and with fear. The problem with being a horrible breather is that your energy level and your nervous system DO NOT AND CAN NOT THRIVE with such bad "fuel" quality.

How To JUST DO IT Everyday

You know what to do and you want to do it, so why does that regular workout (sometimes) NOT happen. I've been analyzing this issue my whole adult life. How do you JUST DO IT? I'm just like you - busy! Kids. Work. Sleep! Appointments. These are some of the big workout detours that interfer with our fitness groove. There are busy people that stay fit, so clearly, all those detours don't have to be road blocks. Here are four strategies to help you get that workout in: 1.

Let’s Go Higher and Higher and Higher…..

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla As a yogini, I see everything in terms of vibration and, to be frank, the higher the better. All the good qualities, like “get-up-and-go”, vitality, open-heartedness, and optimism, reside up high. Undesirable traits, like depression, stagnation and obesity, thrive in low vibration. From an energy standpoint, it really is that simple, so let this concept of high/low vibration motivate you.