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Disclaimer: You should consult your physician before starting this or any other fitness program. See additional precautions.
Here's a quick introduction video for Ellen's 7-DAY WORKOUT CHALLENGE. You’re one week away from a stronger body, mind and spirit - a different workout everyday- making it super easy to get fit and stay inspired. Each complete workout is 15, 30 or 45minutes in length and they are all ideally done barefoot – but at anytime, if you feel you need some sort of supportive footwear, go for it. It’s your workout and you should always be comfortable. You’ll need just the basics - a sticky yoga mat and light hand held weights (1-3lbs each). Here’s your week ahead: Day 1: 30minute Feel Good Fusion A barefoot mix of Pilates, dance and yoga - no equipment necessary Day 2: 15minute Power15 An express muscle-conditioning workout that uses light handheld weights Day 3: 30minute Core Yoga A mix of standing and seated ab-focused sequences - yoga mat recommended Day 4: 15minute Quick Cardio Fun and easy rhythmic movement - no equipment necessary Day 5: 30minute Yogini Sculpt Yoga with the added resistance – hand weights and a yoga mat are recommended Day 6: 45minute Fusion BootCamp An up-tempo and energizing fat-burning workout - no equipment necessary Day 7: 15minute Zen Stretch A soothing to the soul -100% seated - stretch class - yoga mat recommended

Date 10-27-2016

Discipline Cardio, Yoga, Dance, Affirmations, Strength Training, Wellness, Pilates, Weight Loss, Stretch, Aerobics, Boot Camp

Focus Full Body


Equipment Needed Yoga mat and light handweights